Corporate Performance Rating Assessment Program
Ministry of Environment & Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia

Efficiency and Innovation

Our efforts in environmental management, as well as the resolution of social and environmental issues are carried out in efficient, responsible and sustainable manner. They are evident with the 2022 PROPER rating, where Cilacap Plant once again achieved the Gold rating for the 7th time, making SBI the only company in the cement industry to achieve this highest rating. Additionally, the Lhoknga, Tuban, and Narogong Plants successfully obtained the Green rating.

Cilacap Plant

Cilacap Plant performance in 2022:

  • ● Water efficiency: 101.466 m3
  • ● Energy efficiency: 454.424 GJ
  • ● Greenhouse gas emission reduction: 84.769 ton CO2eq

Information about Cilacap Plant

The success of our plant in Cilacap reclaiming the Gold rating and being the only company in the cement industry to achieve this highest rating proves that, with commitment, innovation, hard work, and collaboration from all parties, environmental preservation and sustainable social responsibility can truly be achieved.

Compliance with all relevant regulations, environmental performance in emissions, energy efficiency, the use of raw materials, and alternative fuels must show sustainable improvement. Social innovation through the Baruwani program is one of the contributors to this achievement.

The program, which integrates the utilization of citizen waste with the use of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) as an alternative fuel, is also expected to expand its reach in the coming years.

Biodiversity at Cilacap Plant

Located in Nusakambangan Island, we operate a quarry under a Mining Production License (IUP) for limestone with the area status as Non-Forest Areas (APL). The results of a 2010-2011 survey showed a diverse fauna and flora inhabiting the Nusakambangan natural forest, including protected animals such as the Javan Leopard and bats.

The majority of the limestone IUP area, approximately 650 ha, is dedicated as a conservation area, most of which is still natural forest. The Cilacap plant also engages in mangroves planting along the coast of Nusakambangan and has a 46 ha urban forest. The Timor Deer breeding is also carried out in the forest, with a population increase until mid-2023.

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