Value-Added Solutions

Ready-Mixed Concrete Solutions Provider

We are developing innovative value-added solutions to address environmental problems in the development and the pace of urbanization in cities.

ThruCrete is an environmentally friendly concrete solution that allows rainwater flows into the ground and quickly reduces the impact of runoff, effectively minimizing surface water pooling. Additionally, ThruCrete can lower the surface temperature, making it suitable for pedestrian pathways and areas around airport runways.
SpeedCrete quickly repairs road surfaces in urban areas with heavy traffic. Using the rapid-setting method, SpeedCrete speedy hardens within a range of 4-12 hours. The laser screed and 3D profiler technology used in SpeedCrete applications ensure a smooth road surface and comfort for road users.
DekoCrete is a concrete solution that offers various artistic colors and patterns for decorative and aesthetic purposes with high durability for its users.

SupeCrete is a superior concrete solution with rapid setting time and high flexural strength, providing high durability and meeting the service life requirements for pavement structures. SupeCrete is an efficient choice for executing structural road pavement work.

StilCrete is a concrete solution with high resistance to sulfate and chloride attacks, providing exceptional durability, and it is commonly applied to structures exposed to seawater.
ComfilPlas is a lightweight material solution replacing embankments, ideal for the bottom coating of road structures or bridge oprit. Exceptionally, it optimizes the strength of pavement structures without adding excessive load to the construction.

FulerPlas is specially designed concrete with flexible materials, facilitating easy adaptation to, simple installation, and dismantling. Moreover, its high air content enables smooth flow, allowing it to fill every hard-to-reach corner.


ApexCrete is an integrated solution for modern industrial floors, with high productivity and utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce super flat floors with very high durability.


EzyfloCrete is a self-compacting concrete solution, making it highly suitable for concrete structures with dense reinforcement and areas that are difficult to reach with vibrators.


LiteCrete is a concrete solution designed with the latest technology, reducing the weight of concrete by 20-40% compared to normal concrete. LiteCrete is typically used for building structures up to 3 floors or non-structural areas in tall buildings. LiteCrete's lightweight properties allow it to act as a fire-resistant material and reduce noise.


TopCrete is a superior concrete solution for road pavement repair using an overlay system and a thin thickness. TopCrete features rapid setting time and high flexural strength, making it suitable for road pavement overlay repairs.


OptimaCrete is a superior concrete solution with high compressive strength and durability, capable of optimizing structural dimensions. OptimaCrete is typically used in the construction of high-rise building structures.


Masterpiece Value-Added Solutions