Sustainability is the core values and part of the strong roots of Solusi Bangun Indonesia. Apart from growing the Company’s business, we are also committed to creating social and shared value for stakeholders through job creation, improving conditions and living standards of the community, as well as environmental management and conservation of natural resources to meet the needs of current and future generations.

VISION 2030 #FutureWeAspire

Sustainability Targets for Solusi Bangun Indonesia


Find documentations and certifications on our commitment to environmental preservation and support to the community development.

Sustainable Solutions

Environmentally Friendly Products

To achieve sustainable future development, we put focus on innovation to produce sustainable products to address the challenges of current development.


Climate Change Mitigation

SBI is committed to contributing to climate change mitigation through CO2 emissions reduction and energy efficiency.

Circular Economy

Optimization of Energy and Renewable Materials

Energy and renewable materials are optimized to address environmental problems by providing innovative product and service solutions.

Water & Environment

Natural Resource Preservation

We are committed to actively engage in environmental preservation through water management, protection of biodiversity, and sustainable management of former mining lands.

Community & Employees

Social Commitment

In addition to environmental aspects, the realization of sustainable development also involves the human aspect, where SBI actively implements programs for people and community empowerment, ensuring health and safety at work, diversity, and upholding human rights in our operations.