Building Materials Solutions

Building Solutions Provider

We provide building material solutions ranging from simple renovation needs to property development projects, public facilities, infrastructure, and other large-scale projects.

Masterpiece Building Material Solutions

Bagged Cement for All Needs

SBI offers a range of high-quality cement products for all needs in 4 special variants:

⦿Dynamix Serba Guna - with Micro Filler Particles that provide strength from within for a strong, smooth, and durable finish.Dynamix Extra Power - structural cement specially formulated with Micro Filler Particles and Strength Agent Formula for extra-strong building structures.Dynamix Masonry - with Controlling Agent for smoother plastering and base-coat plastering with minimal peeling cracks.Semen Andalas - with Active Micro Particles that make the mix smoother, enabling faster construction.

The Dynamix and Semen Andalas product range is available for purchase at the SIG Official Store

Semen Kantong

Bulk Cement

Our bulk cement is produced to meet the needs of your constructions with a wide range of specifications according to construction needs (Pro Series). To facilitate consumer access to purchasing bulk cement products, we manage a distribution network strengthened by experienced distributors and sales personnels. Contact the call center at 0 800 10 88888 for more information.
Beton Jadi

Ready-Mixed Concrete

SBI, through its subsidiary PT Solusi Bangun Beton (SBB), provides comprehensive services in the ready-mixed concrete sector, with an integrated batching plant network spread across Java Island, ready to serve various construction projects in Indonesia. With world-class experience and expertise, we not only deliver products of the highest quality but also provide consultation and technical assistance for your buildings.

We offer an array of innovative and environmentally friendly concrete designed specifically for your various needs, ranging from aesthetically focused applications to iconic structures with high complexity.

Contact the call center at 0 800 10 88888 or visit the Dynamix Beton Official Store for orders and more information.

Semen Curah


SBI is one of the largest aggregate suppliers in Indonesia, with quarries located on Java Island. Aggregates are crushed stones, whether natural or artificial, used in the production of concrete, asphalt roads, and other applications. Aggregates are categorized into several types, including coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, and other aggregates such as macadam and basecourse.