Corporate Performance Rating Assessment Program
Ministry of Environment & Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia

Efficiency and Innovation

Our efforts in environmental management, as well as the resolution of social and environmental issues are carried out in efficient, responsible and sustainable manner. They are evident with the 2022 PROPER rating, where Cilacap Plant once again achieved the Gold rating for the 7th time, making SBI the only company in the cement industry to achieve this highest rating. Additionally, the Lhoknga, Tuban, and Narogong Plants successfully obtained the Green rating.

Narogong Plant

Narogong Plant performance in 2022:

  • ● Water efficiency: 181.316 m3
  • ● Energy efficiency: 1.839.195 GJ
  • ● Greenhouse gas emission reduction: 480.300 ton CO2eq
  • ● Narogong Plant obtained Green PROPER
Information about Narogong Plant

Persistent responsibility and teamwork in managing the environment and social aspects have enabled Narogong Plant to achieve the Gold candidate level in 2022. This was realized through several flagship eco-innovation programs, including an energy saving program with a monochamber in the Cement Mill, greenhouse gas emissions reduction with changes in clinker module, water efficiency with the construction of a main outlet dam, non-Hazardous Solid Waste 3R program with the prepupa bioconversion program for food waste, and Hazardous Waste 3R program with the innovative modification of the screw pump bearing lubrication system.

On the social aspect, Narogong Plant has developed the Mas Sultan system, which is a mine reclamation initiative consisting of several integrated programs for economic empowerment from upstream to downstream. This simultaneously transforms the value chain of community-based reclamation, such as the lemongrass cover-crop program for the production of essential oil derivatives. These innovative programs have formed new groups that impact the community.

Biodiversity of Narogong Plant

PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia Tbk, Narogong Plant, allocates several areas as company conservation areas, such as the Asem Cave conservation area, the KBAK conservation area, and the closure area for Cibadak Educational Forest quartz sand mining. These areas will not be disturbed or eliminated from the mining operational plans.

Asem Cave covers an area of approximately 4.6 hectares, with a horizontal structure featuring a main passage of 50 meters and branching passages. Biotic monitoring is conducted to assess the cave fauna population status and predict potential causes. Reforestation is carried out with various types of plants, including mahogany which is classified as Near Threatened. The number and types of plants continue to increase, as seen in the vegetation diversity index graph. Cave fauna also shows an increasing trend, as shown in the graphs presented.

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