Corporate Performance Rating Assessment Program
Ministry of Environment & Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia

Efficiency and Innovation

Our efforts in environmental management, as well as the resolution of social and environmental issues are carried out in efficient, responsible and sustainable manner. They are evident with the 2022 PROPER rating, where Cilacap Plant once again achieved the Gold rating for the 7th time, making SBI the only company in the cement industry to achieve this highest rating. Additionally, the Lhoknga, Tuban, and Narogong Plants successfully obtained the Green rating.

Lhoknga Plant

Lhoknga Plant performance in 2022:

  • ● Water efficiency: 251.579,26 m3
  • ● Energy efficiency: 724 GJ
  • ● Greenhouse gas emission reduction: 22.72 ton CO2eq

Information about Lhoknga Plant

Structured and systematic teamwork, along with a readiness to follow the consultant's directions for improvement are the main drivers for achieving the Green rating for the second time for Lhoknga Plant in 2022. It is attributed to the contributions of several flagship programs.

Notably, Kopsyah (Shariah Cooperative) stands out, providing easy access to capital for the community through a Sharia-based savings and loan cooperative system. Regarding the environment, Lhoknga Plant implements water-saving initiatives through the installation of water recycling facilities for engine cooling processes. Additionally, there is a reduction in water pollution loads through the installation of liquid waste filtration drums in domestic wastewater treatment plants.

Lhoknga Plant also endeavors to reduce electricity consumption with the Raw Mill Separator Motor Upgrade, the use of used oil in the Kiln Burner as a measure to reduce carbon emissions, and the optimization of the use of Cement Grinding Aid (CGA) Refil in the Cement Mill.

Biodiversity of Lhoknga Plant

Operated by PT Solusi Bangun Andalas (SBA) - a subsidiary, Lhoknga Plant allocates approximately 35 hectares of conservation area in the limestone mine and 16.75 hectares in the siltstone mine. The conservation area is planted with various types of plants, including small-leaf mahogany which is nearly endangered, endemic pulai in the limestone areas, and other plants. Planting is carried out annually to increase the number of plants and the area of vegetation.

In 2020, wildlife diversity monitoring was conducted using camera traps, discovering animals such as macaques and long-tailed monkeys (vulnerable category), long-tailed tree rats, thick-spined porcupines, sumatran dhole (endangered category), pangolins, and sumatran tigers (critically endangered category). The results of the annual survey are recorded in a graph showing the number of individual animals during monitoring. Based on the results of the biodiversity assessment, Lhoknga Plant is drafting a management plan with stakeholders.

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